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Remove the guesswork from stillwater fly fishing and CATCH MORE FISH!

21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing is a comprehensive training program designed by Phil Rowley and Jordan Oelrich to teach stillwater anglers of ANY level how to reach a level of complete competence on the water and get the most from their stillwater outings!

Join 21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing!

Three weeks from TODAY...

You slide your boat in the water, and instead of feeling like you're about to guess your way through the next 8 hours, you feel excited about the number of fish that are going to find their way into the bottom of your net today.

You have a system and knowledge base that allows you to make an educated decision in terms of where to fish, when to go there, and exactly what to use. Your success on stillwaters no longer feels 'random'.

You're no longer anchoring next to people and watching them catch fish, not understanding what the subtle differences could be between their setup and your setup (and there are a lot)!

'21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing' breaks down everything you need to know about fly fishing on lakes into three short weeks...

Phil Rowley and Jordan Oelrich combine 50+ years of stillwater fly fishing knowledge and expertise into this in-depth, self-paced program. You will understand the blueprint that successful stillwater anglers carry, and be able to approach any waterbody with a tactful, repeatable approach for success. 

A snippet of what you will learn in this program:

  • Understanding (not just owning) your stillwater fly fishing equipment including rods, reels, lines, line tapers, leaders and more...
  • Exactly how lakes work, and where to find fish in the spring, summer and fall months
  • Why most anglers find stillwater fly fishing challenging, confusing, and experience mediocre results
  • How to properly outfit any boat for stillwater fly fishing
  • In-depth entomology lessons covering a broad spectrum of stillwater insects and invertebrates
  • Retrieval techniques
  • Floating and sinking line tactics for any stillwater situation
  • Approaching trophy stillwaters effectively
  • Why exploring new lakes doesn't have to be challenging or intimidating
  • Loch-style techniques for stillwaters
  • A deep dive on exactly what fly patterns work in various scenarios and why.

We look forward to seeing you inside '21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing'!


JOIN 21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing!

Don't take our word for it... 😊 

See what past program students have to say about 21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing!

"My best stillwater season in 20 years of fly fishing..."


"Put into practice what they teach..." 


"I better understand how lakes work, and when and how to apply different stillwater techniques..."

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you spend a week with this program and don't feel it will make you a better stillwater angler, let us know and we will happily issue you a 100% refund

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"The Stillwater Academy provides excellent high quality professional presentations with experiential expertise... the best value for my dollar!"

- Steven D.

Immediately receive these Stillwater Academy BONUSES!

Approaching New Lakes Workshop Recording ($97 Value)

Learn the art of successfully approaching new lakes in this 2-hour workshop recording with Jordan and Phil

Chironomid Tying Mastery ($97 Value)

Learn everything you need about tying imitative chironomid pupal imitations that consistently catch fish!

Private Facebook Community

Immediate access to the Stillwater Fly Fishing Academy Facebook community, a place to surround yourself with like-minded stillwater enthusiasts!

"I have taken 5 courses in the last year with Jordan and Phil. I have learned so much and had the best year of fishing yet. In this covid time is was also a great way to meet new people and share knowledge" - Rob S.

Success on stillwaters is not an accidental event...

We've heard the saying that 10% of anglers are often catching 90% of the fish, and this rings exceptionally true in the realm of fly fishing stillwaters. 

Anglers that see consistent results on lakes often have a blueprint of decisions that are made on auto-pilot by being able to quickly assess the situation at hand. 

Fly selection, leader length, boat positioning, depth, retrieve, these are just a few mentionable factors that play a critical role in getting results on stillwaters. 

So many anglers spent thousands of dollars in fuel, equipment, flies, boats and the like before spending a dollar on their own education. 

Knowing where to go, when to go and what to use on a regular basis will create an exponentially better stillwater fly fishing experience!

>> Yes! I'm Ready for Stillwater Fly Fishing Success

 "I have been fly fishing for nearly 60 years and was very impressed with how much I learned and re learned in the program. So much useful information about every aspect of Stillwater fishing. I highly recommend your Stillwater educational programs to anyone interested in improving their on and off the water skills.
Thanks again to you and Phil for sharing this invaluable knowledge!!"

Rich H. 

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